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Hans Krichels

A conservationist and holder of advanced degrees in literature and linguistics, Hans Krichels is a former jouranalist and field worker for The Dictionary of American Regional English. He currently lives with his partner Nancy in Bucksport, Maine.

In 1971, Hans abandoned an academic career and moved to Maine. He and his family were part of what came to be known as the Homesteading Movement, inspired in part by the writings of Scott and Helen Nearing and the publication of something called The Whole Earth Catalogue. Hans and his family built their own house, raised two fine daughters along with dairy goats and organic vegetables, participated in the great statewide Common Ground Country Fair, and did their best to carve a niche for themselves in their community at large.

   Throughout it all, Hans worked at various jobs – as a teacher, a newspaper reporter, a mason’s tender, a signmaker, a woodcarver, and a mentor among what he calls The Lost Children of Maine. He’s been deeply involved in something called The Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust in Orland Maine, where he’s run programs for children and serves as photographer for various events and meetings.

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